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Samantha Harron

"Founder & Chief"

Owner and Operator of the Hemp House Hair Salon. Samantha completed her training in 2011, went on to manage salons in Victoria, BC, then moved
to Salt Spring Island and opened her own home-based Salon. Samantha attends advanced education regularly and is passionate about natural
beauty and educating her guests on their hair and scalp health. It’s her pleasure to make you feel more beautiful and takes pride in being an excellent stylist. Samantha treats you like a guest in her home, paying close attention to all your needs. 

Giving birth to her daughter Bentlee in August 2015 might have slowed down her building plans, but it brought her vision into keener focus.

“I want more than anything to make sure that our daughter grows up seeing that you don’t have to sacrifice the environment for beauty or sacrifice beauty for the environment. I really believe that if like-minded people work together and continue to educate and empower each other along the way we will achieve our dreams of a cleaner sustainable world for our children.”

Tristan Harron

“The Builder”

Tristan Harron, was born in Ontario and moved to Salt Spring at the age of 6. He found his passion for  construction at 19, and spent the next few years developing his craft. During that time he found the beautiful Samantha and asked for her hand. Together their greatest accomplishment was becoming parents to their daughter Bentlee, born in 2015. Tristan is a devoted father and husband. He approaches every task with what he would call a “canner” attitude, willingness to learn and improve over every obstacle. Tristan has always wanted to build something for himself but never could have dreamed up something as amazing as this salon without his wife Samantha. He designed the building at the kitchen table with Samantha in 2016 and began construction October 2017.

Jennifer Dueck

“Master Stylist”

Hi, I’m Jennifer and have been doing hair for over 12yrs now. I am inspired to make people feel beautiful and happy through their hair. My personal style and take on hair is that it should look soft and made to feel naturally beautiful. I’m known to be very down to earth, super easy going and I believe my work reflects that.
I’m so excited to be a part of the Hemp house team. Plus I’m sure looking forward to meeting all of you too.

Tzigane "Ziggy" Ernst

"Master Stylist"

Hi, I’m Ziggy! I graduated hair school in 2012 and since then have worked as a stylist in Vancouver and Tofino. I am a lover of texture, curls, shags, bobs and everything in between!

I love working with clients to create natural, lived in colours and cuts, with a soft grow out. I am super excited to join the team at Hemp House Hair, and looking forward to meeting you all!